Design Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make at Your Dentist Office


The dentist office is one of the safest and cleanest places to be. Dentists have been going above and beyond when it comes to sanitation measures well before COVID-19. Dental offices are so hygienic, dentists were permitted to administer the covid-19 vaccine on their premises at the onset of the pandemic.

This seal of approval was a significant endorsement for dentists nationwide. Please make the most of it by ensuring that your dental office is an inviting and welcoming place to be. Avoid these common commercial design mistakes at your office and use this opportunity to attract as many new patients as possible.

Mistake #1: Inappropriate Design

Dentist offices and medical offices are first and foremost businesses. Nationwide, 30.7 million small businesses are doing whatever they can to stay afloat. Make sure your dental practice is one of them. To do that, it is critical to market your office appropriately. Everything helps establish your brand, including your office decor.

Commercial interior design must be functional and professional. For example, while it may initially be tempting to purchase seating that looks as chic as possible, it is wisest to choose options that keep your staff members’ and patients’ comfort in mind. Opt for ergonomic dental chairs to help patients relax during routine cleanings and more involved procedures.

Further, keep accents and wall decor subtle and professional. Choose pieces that promote calm and relaxation. Avoid anything too jarring.

Mistake #2: Your Floor Plan Is a Nightmare

Another important aspect of commercial interior design in any dental office is the floor plan. Floor plans should be easy to navigate. The best floor plan will facilitate the movement of your employees and customers. If areas are too cramped, or if staff members are forced to move aside while others pass, reconsider your layout. Rooms need only the essentials to serve staff and patients well.

Mistake #3: Lighting That Makes Patients Feel Ill at Ease

Fluorescent tube lights may have been a go-to for commercial applications in the past, but design trends are changing. These lights often emit light that is too bright, too intense, and too yellow. Whenever possible, use ample natural lighting inside your dental practice. Remember, patients like to relax during dental procedures. Warmer lighting or lights with a dimmer may help patients feel calmer when they need to get a cavity filled.

While your dental practice is a place where patients go for proper dental care, it’s important to remember that your dental practice is also a place of business. It’s essential to pay close attention to commercial interior design to make your patients feel comfortable and at ease.

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