A Modern Take on Tradition: Four Trends of Today’s Barbershops


The modern-day barbershop is more than just about getting your hair cut; now, it has become a place of community and conversation. It’s also a place to socialize and relax. In some ways, it’s the revival of the old-fashioned barbershop, where everyone knows your name, but with a modern twist. Many things have changed in today’s barbershops, from the layout and design to fixtures. This article will introduce you to four current trends that have taken the barbershop world by storm.

Trend One: A Lounge Area

The first trend is the addition of a lounge area. This has become more popular with shops that offer other services such as coloring, cuts, shaves, and facial hair grooming. It’s also common to see leather or vinyl couches, allowing customers to kick back for a moment before they get in their next appointment. Furthermore, the lounge serves as a place for people to socialize and relax in an environment made for men. They can chat with friends or other customers about sports, their day and what’s new around town. In recent years, many shops have changed their interior construction to accommodate this trend, creating their own community feel and encouraging discussion.

Trend Two: Exposed Brick Walls & Wood Beams

Commercial interiors are constantly changing and evolving with new styles. One of the more recent trends we’ve seen in barbershops is exposed brick walls to give it an authentic feel. Exposed wood beams are also popular, creating a rustic look for the shop’s interior design and giving it a classic and nostalgic look. This is a popular design element for men’s barbershops that go with the traditional look and feel. Many prefer to keep their shops cozy, warm, and inviting instead of bright or sterile. These shops want people to relax as if they’re in their living or getting a haircut at home.

Trend Three: Unique Retail Products and Services

The third trend we’ve seen is unique retail products and services offered. This goes hand-in-hand with the lounge area mentioned earlier. In many shops, you’ll find products like colognes and grooming kits that customers use to take care of their facial hair or skin after they get a cut and shave. Some barbershops even have partnerships with local breweries, allowing customers to enjoy a cold brew or two in addition to getting a haircut.   

Trend Four: A Man Cave

The last trend we’ve seen is more of a man cave feel. This style takes the traditional barbershop and adds some different elements to it, making it an even better place for guys to come to hang out with their friends or just enjoy themselves on their own. There will probably be things like pool tables, giant TV screens, and arcade games in this type of shop.

You might also see some other unique features like a bar or cigar room where customers can enjoy these things while waiting for their turn to get a haircut. Again, it’s all about creating a community feel and encouraging conversation between people who wouldn’t usually talk much but are now brought together by the shared experience.

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