Why DP Incorporated Is Best for Interior Construction of Capital Projects


DP Incorporated, an interior construction contractor in Washington state since 1998, has served clients from Bellingham to Seattle, and has a reputation for quality work at competitive prices. With our dedication to quality workmanship and customer service, we have built an excellent reputation for providing tenant improvements that are budget-friendly and meet the needs of commercial tenants.

The tenant improvement team at DP Incorporated specializes in commercial interiors and interior construction of capital projects such as tenant improvements, tenant build-outs, and complete renovations for various clients throughout Washington state. We are well equipped to handle any tenant improvement construction project, no matter the size or budget.

What Is a Capital Project?

A capital project is an undertaking with significant capital investment, often including new building construction or equipment purchase. These projects are typically funded through bonds issued by the government or commercial loans from banks, corporations, and other financial institutions. Washington State defines a capital project as “a project to construct either new facilities or make significant, long-term renewal improvements to existing facilities.”

At DP Incorporated, we have served and provided tenant improvement construction services for many capital projects, including companies such as Planet Fitness and the K&G Fashion Superstore, and Bellevue’s Coast Hotel.

Our Design Thinking Approach

Design thinking is a creative process that helps you explore your creativity. You can use design thinking when solving a problem or developing a new concept. It is about making an idea tangible by drawing, building models, and creating prototype products to help visualize the final solution.

Design thinking is about putting yourself in your customer’s shoes and observing the world from their perspective. It is about asking questions, looking for patterns, exploring hidden assumptions, and challenging yourself to be creative in a new way. DP Incorporated’s tenant improvement team utilizes this approach to solve tenant problems as well as come up with tenant improvement or tenant build-out solutions.

The tenant improvement division is responsible for the design and installation of interior construction projects, including new lobby entrances, tenant improvements, and tenant refurbishments in commercial office buildings and retail spaces.

Why We Are Best for Interior Construction

In addition to our unique design thinking approach, our tenant improvement construction services are best for interior construction because of the following:

  • We work closely with clients from start to finish, providing them feedback and making decisions together.
  • DP Incorporated offers a complete turnkey tenant improvement process that includes design, engineering documentation, permitting, and management support.
  • Our customer service is second to none. We work hard for our customers and are committed to ensuring every tenant improvement project is a success.
  • We are certified by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries as Lead Safe Contractors.

DP Incorporated tenant improvement team can complete tenant improvements for clients in a timely manner and with one of the most competitive prices on tenant improvements. We offer our knowledgeable services at an affordable price because we have extensive experience in all aspects of commercial interiors and interior construction projects, including tenant improvements, tenant build-outs, and complete renovations. Check out our portfolio here to see some of the tenant improvements we have completed, and then decide for yourself which tenant improvement contractor is best for you. Feel free to contact us today to discuss your tenant improvement needs. We look forward to working with you.